Hair Removal


Heather uses Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™, which is a new depilatory method made from 100% natural ingredients with no testing on animals and with no harmful side effects caused by allergic reactions. It is perfect for people who suffer from sensitive skin. Sugaring can be performed on individuals that are using Accutane, Retina-A, or are having chemical peels. It is also safe for those suffering from varicose veins, spider veins, or diabetes. With continued treatments one can see up a 50% reduction of hair growth in 6 months. This is the same results offered by electrolysis!


Brow $25 Brow Sugar and Tint $45
Lip $10 Chest/Stomach $65
Chin $15 Bikini $50
Sideburns $10 Brazlian $80
Full Face $60 Brazlian Touch Up $65
Underarms $30 Toes $10
Half /Full Arm $40/$60 Back $75


Electrolysis provides a safe, permanent alternative for patients who don't want or are not appropriate for laser treatments.
Electrolysis, uses current passed through a probe inserted down the hair follicle, which has existed since the late 1800s. It's the only method approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for permanent hair removal.

30 min session $75
60 min session $125

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